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this one goes out to all the carnivors

August 1, 2011

Vegetarians among us, please avert your eyes (or focus on the amazing vegetables. mmmm: oven roasted roasted young beets. ahhhh: crunchy Danish cucumber salad. oooooooh: balsamic’d heirloom tomatoes. All of the veggies here were beyond amazing and local. As we both really believe in letting the natural flavors sing, we didn’t use much more than a bit of salt & pepper, some balsamic on the tomatoes and a vinegar/sugar mixture for the cukes. For tasty summer supping, it really doesn’t get better than this. simple. earthy. flavorful.)

Even so, for me it all came down to the tenderloin. Seriously. That TENDERloin? It was easily the best one I can remember having. Ever. If ever you thought it didn’t matter where your meat comes from, I urge you to reconsider. Start by trying something from Sunshine Harvest Farms (find them Saturdays at Fulton Farmers Market & Mill City Farmers Market, or Sundays at Kingfield Farmers Market)

We recently had the opportunity to visit the farm and see Mike & Brandon Braucher somewhere other than their green & yellow farmers market stall. It’s one thing to hear “grass fed” (or see it on the wrapper). It’s quite another to see just exactly where the herd that produces that meat is living and eating before it gets to you.

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