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bacon and beet greens and tomatoes, oh my!

August 8, 2011

Saturday’s market haul included some of the best bacon either one of us has ever had, more beets (purchased mostly for the greens this time), and more tomatoes. (add the freshly baked bread EJ conjured up Friday afternoon and you have the makings for one of the best BLTs I’ve ever tasted, or, as we referred to it Saturday night, dinner.) We also scored some of the first wax beans of the season, more sweet corn and a watermelon. Add to that some cucumbers & zucchini, and you have the list of fresh goodness we’ll be working our way through this week.

Oh, and rhubarb. Did I mention there was still fresh rhubarb to be had? Kingfield Farmers Market, I love you so for fueling my rhubarb obsession! (and thank you Linden Hills Co-Op for having the blackberries we needed for last night’s batch of rhubarb-blackberry jam)

Stay tuned for one of my mom’s favorite cucumber recipes, our riff on frozen watermelon-mint pops (which will always be popsicles to me, no matter what Unilever says we have to call them), a ridiculously easy tip on how to prepare your sweet corn (straight from the farmer) that we had to try to believe, pics of that killer blt, and more!

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