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Five Minute Corn, Farmer Style

August 9, 2011

So, Peter & Carmen grow the best corn I’ve ever tasted. They grow the best corn many have ever tasted; even one whose name starts with R.T.  So, when Peter told me how he likes to prepare his corn at home, I was all ears (sorry). Get a pad and pencil to write this down.

  • Gently peel back the husks like a banana but don’t tear them off.
  • Remove as much silk as you can.
  • Gently put the husks back around the corn.
  • Soak in water.
  • Microwave for 3 minutes.
  • Eat. Repeat.

You can add butter and salt or whatever else you like, but I mean it, this corn doesn’t need it.

I still like to prepare my corn other ways too — grilled with compound butter, etc. But sometimes it’s nice to let corn be corn. And sometimes I just can’t wait.

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