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and then there were two…

October 17, 2011

Weekends, that is…

Two weekends left in this year’s farmer’s market season for siblings Kingfield & Fulton. Luckily that won’t be the end of local food. Yesterday we roasted sweet potatoes for sweet potato / black bean tacos, and put the extras in serving size portions into the freezer. That’s added to the corn, cukes & rhubarb ketchup already in the freezer. …and the jars of pickles (scapes, beets, cukes, chutney) and jams in the pantry. This weekend we picked up some squash and pumpkins for the cellar pantry. Later this week we’re going apple picking (Hello Sweetland Orchard!) for our now annual obsession with applesauce  (I see by that list of pickles and preserves that we’ve been holding out on you. I’ll see if we can’t do something about that as the frost comes calling and fall pulls up a chair to the fire and makes itself real cozy).

Oh… and tomatoes. Did I mention the tomatoes? Heaven help us we couldn’t pass up the box of beautiful romas yesterday at Kingfield. As we only own a small kitchen scale, I can’t tell you the exact poundage of that box, but suffice it to say the 3 pounds I measured out to make tomato jam yesterday hardly made a dent. (EJ isn’t unequivocally sold yet, but I’m completely enamored with the tomato jam. There’s a savory sweet thing going on in there that was perfect in the leftover lunchtime taco. I followed the NYTimes’ Mark Bittman recipe almost exactly (though no jalapenos for my tender Scandinavian palate), and wouldn’t change a thing.

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