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March 10, 2013

It’s been a little quiet around here in part because we’ve been prepping for EJ’s trip to Senegal. A whirlwind two weeks abroad for him through USAID & the National Cooperative Business Association’s CLUSA program where he puts his grassroots organizing and outreach experience to work helping the farmers there engaged in conservation farming. He’s halfway through the trip now but with much left to accomplish in the coming days. This is probably my favorite of his week one dispatches from the field.

Senegal Dispatches

Day 3: Tuesday, 5 March 2013
Toubakouta, Fatick, Senegal

Simply put, one of the most extraordinary days of my life.

After breakfast, and after having accidentally put instant coffee in my yogurt mistaking it for brown sugar, I checked out and walked the few short blocks to the CLUSA offices. About an hour later, and having a migraine begin to emerge, we were picked up by the Wula Nafaa truck and taken to the their offices. We made a quick stop at the pharmacy were I got some sort of tablet. Not knowing it was for dissolving into water, I popped the giant tablet into my mouth and immediately felt it dissolving on my tongue. For the next few minutes I drank as much water as I could until it was gone. The headache never totally went away, but it was pushed way into the background during the days events.

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